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Are you ready to transform the way you inspect, monitor, and market your properties?

Fly Vekter is here to revolutionize your property management game with state-of-the-art drone services. We specialize in aerial inspections and surveillance, offering a range of services that will make your property management tasks more efficient, cost-effective, and safer. We also offer video marketing of your property. Fly Vekter can create a marketing video for your property to go with your pictures!

Why Choose Fly Vekter?

Attention to Detail:

Our drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors, enabling us to capture detailed images and videos. Say goodbye to those time-consuming and costly traditional inspections. We provide comprehensive aerial inspections of commercial properties, particularly beneficial for large or complex properties where efficiency is paramount.

Cost Savings:

Traditional property inspections often come with hefty price tags. Drones offer a cost-effective alternative by reducing the need for manual labor and specialized equipment. This means more savings in your pocket.

Time Efficiency

Our drones can cover large areas in a fraction of the time, ensuring rapid and efficient property assessments. Quick responses are essential to prevent issues from escalating, and Fly Vekter has your back.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is a top priority for us. Property management often involves assessing structures that pose physical risks for inspectors. With our drones, the need for personnel to climb tall structures or access hazardous areas is significantly reduced, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Marketing Magic

Drones capture stunning aerial footage and images, perfect for marketing your commercial properties. High-quality visuals offer a unique perspective and are highly effective in showcasing the entire property, its surroundings, and key features. Fly Vekter will make your property shine.

Explore Our Packages


Non-Thermal Pics (less than 4 acres)

Capture the essence of your property from the skies with high-resolution images. Perfect for showcasing its beauty and unique features.

Non-Thermal Video (less than 4 acres)

Bring your property to life with a captivating video tour. Ideal for engaging potential buyers or tenants


Non-Thermal Pics and Video (Less than 4 acres)

Get the best of both worlds with stunning images and a captivating video tour. Your property's story, beautifully told.

Thermal Pics (less than 4 acres)

Unlock the power of thermal imaging to identify hidden issues or inefficiencies within your property.

Thermal Pics and Report (Less than 4 acres)

In-depth thermal imaging and a detailed report, providing you with actionable insights for efficient property management.

For properties greater than 4 acres, it's the base price plus $10 per acre. And if you need a unique combination not listed, simply schedule an appointment.

Ready to take the leap into the future of property management?

At Fly Vekter, we're not just selling drone services; we're selling efficiency, savings, safety, and stunning marketing capabilities.

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