Math, Science and Drones...OH MY!!

At Fly Vekter, we believe in transforming education into an exhilarating journey of discovery. Our drone curriculum is designed to offer a cutting-edge approach to STEAM education through the exciting world of drone technology. With a blend of AI Avatars, in-person instruction, and hands-on experiences, our program goes beyond the traditional classroom setting to ignite a passion for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

Meet An Avatar

AI Avatar Instructors

Our program stands out by incorporating AI training avatars, allowing instructors to focus on class discussions and handouts. Our avatars also help students explore the intersection of artificial intelligence, automation and drone technology.

All Curriculum Options Include

Easy to follow videos led by our AI Avatars

Lesson quizzes to test what students have learned

Online Train-theTrainer Courses, In-depth notes, guides, and lesson plans for your educators

Professional grade drones delivered to the school

Multi-device compatibility (learn on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet)

Unrestricted access to weekly videos and learning material (per semester)

Who is this course for?

Our Drone Curriculum Program is designed for students in grades 5-12, offering a cutting-edge approach to STEAM education.

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One Semester

On-line Access to our curriculum for a semester


Two Semester

On-line Access to our curriculum for two semesters



Truncated Curriculum to fit a summer-camp or After-School Progarm



Why Fly Vekter?

Our unique curriculum incorporates hands-on learning, AI-integreation, professional grade drones, coding, certification pathways (students 16+) along with projects around entrepreneurship & piloting the drones. We have aligned our curriculum with middle and high school learning objectives.

How does it work?

Upon paying for the curriculum you have access to the training materials. You'll have a unique organization access link sent to your email address. Click it, confirm your details, and dive into the world of STEAM education by drones.

What do I need to teach the course?

An email address, stable internet connection, cones, and space to fly drones outside and indoors. Drones are provided and train-the-trainer courses are avaialbe for educators who have never flown a drone. If you feel you need personal instruction, don't worry! We'll give you plenty of options help your educators be prepared.

We are not a STEM magnet school, is this curriculum for us?

Yes! This course is created with all schools in mind. It's also a great course to complient your core classes. The curriuculm integrates STEAM and language arts lessons.